Looking for Nostalgia

An explorative travel documentary looking at our personal memories and uncovering the timelessness of nostalgia.

Written, directed and produced by Flavie Trichet Lespagnol.



“In this episode, I'm the speaker. I make you get on my plane, to tell you about my strange journey in search of Nostalgia, in Laos. 
And this time, at the other end of the World, I may have gone a little too far...”


“This episode was filmed right after the previous one, last fall. I couldn't have hoped for a better string of events, as they resound so much with each others. 
Alone, I went back in Berlin, because there are cities we have under our skin, cities that keep coming back into conversations. This was my first trip entirely devoted to Nostalgia. 
In the city of the Wall, I saw again for a few hours my dear Giovanni Casu. Unknowingly, he consolidated the reflexion around Episode 7’s mantra on the nostalgic addiction, while adding other pillars such as childhood, arts and the emigrant’s nostalgia. As for me, I keep an ecstatic memory of those few days in Berlin.”



“It is time for you to meet my family. Just as, it is time you learned from me, if you still didn’t know about it, that I am nostalgic of a time when romance was neither ashamed nor impossible. I'm from a different era. I'm probably from theirs. Because long before I came to the world, these two people met to build a story that would be now almost considered as "too good to be true." Yet, today, Love is the same as it was yesterday.”



“Last parenthesis on the New York nostalgia, this episode also closes a first round of interviews I would call as introductory to the nostalgic feeling.
Skim through the nostalgia (and work) of my friend, the photographer Romain Laurent, which will deal with childhood, digital and the American imaginary.”