+ OUTSCALE / Cloud Days (2017)

Réalisation & montage: Flavie Trichet-Lespagnol


+ UGC Distribution (2017)

Réalisation & montage: Flavie Trichet-Lespagnol
Graphisme : Jonas Grandt


+ HEKO (2016)

Réalisation: Flavie Trichet-Lespagnol

Scénario et Montage Teaser:
Philippe Neveu & Timothée Bart



+ VINOCAMP Paris (2016)


+ UGC Distribution (2016)




+ VINOCAMP Paris (2015)



+ "NEED FOR NARRATIVE" London (2014)

A film written by Tom van Laer, Luca M. Visconti & Stephanie Feiereisen.
Produced by ESCP Business School London & RE-UP
Directed by Flavie Trichet-Lespagnol. 

"What is a useful story from the perspective of its consumer? Through semi-structured interviews with 55 Eurostar passengers from 14 countries, the long version of this film documents how consumers define stories, distinguish between different reasons to need narrative, and experience the effects of need for narrative."

The documentary film "Need for Narrative" was nominated for the Consumer Research Film Festival on october 2014, in Baltimore, USA.

watch the trailer: 



+ "THE FEET PROJECT" London (2013)

A creative research project exploring what feet mean to people.

A film directed by Flavie Trichet-Lespagnol and Marion May.
The Feet Project produced by RE-UP // Music by Exsonvaldes


watch the film: