Iran, 2017 © Amir Hossein

Iran, 2017 © Amir Hossein

Flavie Trichet-Lespagnol is a photographer, director and creative consultant. She was born in 1987, and graduated at the age of 20 from Les Gobelins, École de l'Image, a Parisian school dedicated to the visual arts. She is based in Paris.

Her visual work, whether it is video production or photography, embraces a wide range of subjects that vary from documentary to portraits.

Among Flavie Trichet-Lespagnol's personal projects is "Looking for Nostalgia", a web series of an explorative travel documentary looking at our personal memories and uncovering the timelessness of Nostalgia in the context of the digital world we live in today.

In 2017, Flavie Trichet-Lespagnol developed video contents for a play entitled "Bois Impériaux" - written by Pauline Peyrade, staged by Das Plateau - which premiered in February 2018, at POCHE/GVE in Geneva. 

In june 2018, Flavie Trichet-Lespagnol had her first exhibition show in Paris called "Yazd, mon amour" around her work made in Iran.

During summer 2018, Flavie shot her first short movie as screenwriter and director untitled "Tristan et la magicienne".